Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not Bad...

Never mind the in-flight magazine dating from December 2009, the minimal entertainment options and the 5-hour delay on the way out; we flew from Europe to Tana in business class with Air Madagascar for the same price as an economy-class ticket with Air France! That meant we could skip the 2-hour wait to check in at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport; we were invited to the American Airlines lounge in Paris, and had champagne with smoked duck breast on board. Of course we slept like roses, almost horizontally, and we were the first ones to exit the plane. And that meant no queue at immigration, and our 3 suitcases (we were allowed 40 kilo each)   first on the baggage belt. Out and about in less than 15 minutes.
Hence I say: Air Mad? Not bad (at all)! 
At Admiral's Lounge at CDG

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