Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lemurs in Sight...

I like to move it move it...
We've seen our first lemurs in Madagascar! There is a Lemur Park not far from the city, for those who can not travel many miles to go to one of the national parks. I was a little afraid to find some half-tame lemurs in dirty cages but nope...they actually live freely on 4 acres of land, surrounded by a river that serves as a natural border. Lemurs don't like water. They live up in beautiful bamboo trees or dwell on the ground.We have seen the famous black and white-tailed Maki, and the white and brown dancers that hop on two legs. So funny! You immediately hear the 'I like to move it, move it' tune in your head when you watch them.The guide was telling how this movie has favored Madagascar tourism, but then someone had to spoil it all by causing all these political troubles.

Do we really have to wait until 2012 when Madagascar 3 will be released?

I hope not. Except from a few complaining restaurant owners, a burnt-out supermarket, and the exciting evacuation stories of a few Americans, we don't notice much from the political trouble of last year. On a political level however, Madagascar obviously needs a government representative of its people. But life moves on, and so do we (like to move it move it...).

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  1. Wat een bofkont zoveel, alleen op Madagaskar voorkomende, dieren en natuur. Het lijkt me daar heerlijk, Groet, Wout