Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One Night in Bangkok...

Forget Mauritius, forget Reunion…if you are living in Madagascar and you need a break, go to Bangkok. Hop on an Air Mada plane in Tana and hop, 8 hours and 735 euros later you are in Bangkok. The flight goes on to China so you ‘ll have to put up with endless rows of Chinese who take off their shoes and haven’t changed their socks since seven days, but apart from that the flight is easy.

Shop until you drop
I am participating in an EU contest for international development jobs, and for that I had to computer-based test. Numerical and verbal reasoning, logical thinking – that kind of thing. Obviously, most test centers are located in Europe. In Africa the choice was between Nairobi and Johannesburg. I choose Thailand to combine pleasure with duty, and spent literally one night in Bangkok. Absolutely loved it. After Madagascar Thailand seems so developed, so cosmopolitan, so clean and efficient, so funky, such great food, such gentle people, and surtout, such great shopping! Ok, if you are looking for shoes with heels lower than 4 inch, or a bra size over 75A you'll have a hard time. But for clothes, books, running shoes, souvenirs, funcky jewerly and gadgets Bangkok is the place to be! 

Shop Until Your Drop in Bangkok

I took a many-star hotel in the heart of the city, at a stone's throw from major malls and from the test center. Had a Starbucks latte, a Big Mac and great Thai food like Tom Ka and. Literally shop until you drop. Everything was perfect and went well, except euhhh…the test.