Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big W.

Okay, I can't say that we have not been warned. And we should have known when watching the world cup football in South is winter here! Watching the football players on the bench covered under blankets, and seeing the South American football coaches dancing around in their sleeping bags should have been a forewarning sign. But my goodness, we were not prepared for THIS kind of humid, windy cold. Tana is built on seven hills, and located at 1400 meters altitude. Our apartment is on a hill and the wind blows right through it. It is winter in Madagascar with a big W, despite the pretty blue skies. I can only imagine how the many poor people who don't even have proper clothes are surviving July and August.


  1. Hi Susanne,

    A fine start. Congrats. By the way, what is that picture of you all covered up in blue and grey(?). Was that you in Morocco? Regards.

    Chris[Trinidad & Tobago]

  2. Ha ha, I wish...not this is here in Madagascar! I am covered up because it's frigging cold!