Monday, June 24, 2013

Bye Bye Winter, Hello Summer!!!

Yes! I am out of here! Honestly, I can not wait to leave Tana. I know, that does not sounds nice but it's true. It is just simply too cold here! Everyone  is sick. Tout Tana is coughing, dripping, sneezing, sniffing, rattling, ruckling and what not. It is winter.

June has so far been one of the coldest months ever in Tana. There has been ground-frost. In the evenings we sit cozy by the fire, but during the day my fingers are freezing as I'm typing.

Just imagine the many poor people and street children that are passing their nights outside. This morning I went to the center for street children to drop off some warm hats. Look how cute - And thank you Martine!

CP2 class (Grade 3) getting warm hats to survive winter

So, summer in Europe, here we come!
Bye bye Tana, see you back in August when spring starts!