Friday, July 20, 2012

Malagasy in Holland

I've always wondered if there are any people from Madagascar in the Netherlands. A I am 'Dutch in Madagascar, I'd like to know if there are' Malagasy in 'Dutchland'?

Now I know. I visited Nirina van der Schans last week. Origially from Madagascar now living in Den Haag, married to a Dutchman. She can imagine how I live in Tana, I can understand her issues living in   Holland. Her house has many souvenirs from her home country, like I have tulips and black and white cows in my office room.

So is Nirina still Malagasy, or has she become Dutch?

Of course a bit of both. She served me koffie met een koekje, and probably has rice with ravitoto on (some) evenings.

Nice to meet you Nirina!