Friday, March 23, 2012

Apples and Pears...

Which one you think tastes better?

Local apple  (0.1 U$)              -      Imported apple (1 U$)

Local pear 0.2 U$            -             Imported pear (1.2 U$)

Well, I wish I could say that the local fruits taste better, even though they don't look better.

But I would lie.


The pineapples, lychees and papayas however are delicious!

Friday, March 9, 2012

"I Promise I Will Never Hit You Again...Forgive me!"

International Women's day is a special day in Madagascar; all women are getting a day off from work. Preferably on the 8th of March, if not most can take another day in March. This does not mean that the ladies will enjoy their day relaxing or having fun. Sadly in most cases it means that they will catch up on domestic chores, like doing spring cleaning or so...

Personally I worked yesterday, but today I was invited for women's day celebrations at Ankani Fitahiani, daycare center for street children. The children had prepared funny skits and dance performances for us international women. Preparations started weeks ago...

Girls just wanne have fun?
And girl, did we have fun. The themes the little boys and girls addressed..., it was simply hilarious. While in my country we would tell our girls that they could become anything they want; docters, engineers, lawyers, as long as you work hard, here its all about girls' rights, translated into boys obligations:
1. Don't commit adultery,
2. Do not abondon your girlfriend because she's pregnant,
3. Don't beat your girlfriend when you are drunk.

Pretty useful advise if you ask me...but for 7 year olds?

Burning bras or burning bad husbands?
We watched a skit by a 5-year girl old saying: "Please do not beat me, I am pregnant" (pillow under her little dress). Followed by a 7-year old boy pleading: "I apologize for running away, I promise I will stay with you and our baby".

And the best one - written by the children themselves -  a middle-aged dad has four daughters He wants them to marry good husbands, but the girls prefer the rich and handsome types. They end up marry those types, only to find out that they are actually croocodiles; bad boys with nothing inside. When the girls realize that their husband are no good, they plot to get them drunk and set them on fire!

No burning bras here, just burning of bad husbands!

Of course it made us think about the circumstances these children live in.
Marica and Nirine, innocent 7-year old children, acting out adultry, abuse and abandonment scenes?

What does that tell you?

Women's Day Celebration Skit: I'm sorry I hit you!