Thursday, December 19, 2013

Smoked Sausage

Anyone who has ever driven through Tana will have been surprised by this typical Madagascar phenomenon: small butcher shops that display their meat products literally on the street. While driving, you can almost touch the strings of sausages that are hanging like pearl chains, while cows stomach and pig feet are dangling in front of your wind screen.

I happen to like sausages. But not anymore. Here's why.

Let me tell you what is happening this month of December in Tana. I thought the October election campaigns were 'hectic' with 33 candidates, each with his own posters, t-shirts, hats, and campaigning vans... wait till you've seen this! Just for info: from the October-round, two main candidates remained on - as everyone expected. They are Hery Rajaonarimampianina (yes, I know, that's why they call him Hery Vao Voa) - presenting the current regime, and Dr. Robinson, presenting the previous one.
Both are now again campaigning in an effort to win over 50% of votes. But...that is not all...

In addition to the presidential elections, there are parliamentary elections, on the same date! These too had  been postponed three times already. There are 151 seats in parliament...and guess how many candidates there are?

Over 2,000. Yes it is true. And here I was thinking that 33 campaigning candidates caravaning in an already crowded city was a little much, now it is even worse. Add to that the rains, the potholes, the piles of rubbish that have not been collected for a week, the poor quality of diesel, the number of stinky van and mini buses, and the usual December end-of-the-year craziness, and you can image (not sure if you really can) how awful this city has become to get around.

And what does this have to do with sausage? They have all become smoked sausages. Yuk!

Exhaust-smoked sausage, anyone? 


  1. Hahahaha. A nice one!

    But I still prefer a car smoked sausage than lab-grown meat

    A Malagasy Reader