Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fao Dranomaso

OK, to put it straight:: the reason for my absence as a blogger is a sad one. My lovely, inspirational, beautiful and adventerous mother passed away last week. She was 85 years old, an age she always aspired to become. In that sense it was not unexpected. But then again: is a daughter ever 'expecting' or 'ready' for her mother to pass away??

I was very close to her and she was a remarkable women. Full of compassion for others, strong-willed, independent, very active, a positive thinker (ahead of her time, modern) and modest. She was also a painter, a writer, a photographer...I'd like to think I inherited some of her traits.

The funeral in my home town Dongen was beautiful. My brothers and sisters are all gifted writers and public speakers. They almost better than the priest himself.

Little altar for my mom
When I came back yesterday from Holland, our Malagasy friends came to present their condolences. They gave  their Fao-Dranamoso. Literally this means something like: Take away tears (perhaps my dear Malagasy reader has a more accurate translation :-)... I was touched: they presented an envelope with some money and the traditional saying  Aza misosoka alahelo intsony: Forget Your Sorrow.
Tonight my lovely girl friends will take me out for a comforting dinne. Tomorrow Michel is taking me and Soleine to Anakao, a lovely little beach lodge.

I feel blessed and grateful to have so many friends and support. Just like my mom!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that.

    A Malagasy Reader!

  2. Ach Susan,

    Wat een triest nieuws, vel sterkte met het verwerken van dit verlies.

    Lex van Glabbeek