Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tratra Ny Krismasy

As a language lover, I am always delighted to find foreign words in a language. Of course there are quite a few French words in the Malagasy language. But while distributing toys and candies in a few remote villages this week, I was surprised to hear the word Krismasy over and over...

It almost felt like being in a snowy Christmas setting, except that the snow was rain, Father Chrismas wore a Jester hat and Santa's little was my Soleine wearing a purple rain coat!

Giving (if you can) is more rewarding than receiving...
On On to bring Krismasy gifts and joy!

No snow but lots of red earth mud!

Santa's little helper
Surprise! Will this baby wake up happy? Or scared shitless...?

In any case, we wish you all a joyful and generous Krismasy!


  1. A common reply to "Tratra ny Krismasy":
    "Dia ho samy tratran'ny taona vaovao isika mianakavy" = "Happy New Year!".

    A Malagasy Reader

    1. Ha ha this is the longest language I've ever seen in my entire life!

      Happy new year to you too!

    2. I actually made a mistake in the translation. Here is the accurate translation:
      Happy New Year!=Tratry ny taona e!

      A Malagasy Reader.