Monday, December 31, 2012

Baobabs unharmed

A little while ago I wrote about the bush fires that 'destroyed' some of the Allee the Baobab, one of Madagascar's fantastic natural monuments. I had posted a devestating picture that appeared in a leading newspaper l'Express Madagascar.

I then received reactions that the newspaper picture was photoshopped, that the giants were unharmed and that it was all some sort of stupid political game.

On our recent trip to Morondava, I can confirm that the beautiful giants are doing well and that they're as stunning as they've been... for the past 700 or so years.

Of course I gave them a long big fat case another clown comes up with a stupid idea and sets real fire to them...


  1. One of the main reason I prefer reading blogs instead of newspapers. It seem that newspapers become tabloid magazine.

    Thanks for correcting the information about the Baobab!

    A Malagasy reader

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  3. Wow, this looks like a magical place! Wish I'd visit it one day...

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