Sunday, May 27, 2012

Typical Malagasy Meals

I just came back from a field trip visiting public and private toilets! Very very interesting, and amazing to see how people with little means manage to create a proper living environment for themselves and their families. But more on that later.

A Dutch friend of mine recently asked me what people are eating in Madagascar. And I replied with listing the delicacies we can find here: cripsy bread, petits pains au chocolat, canard a l'orange, beef carpacio, pâtés etc. But that is not what she meant - she wanted to know what the average Malagasy have breakfast or lunch.

So here we go...the people eat rice, with rice, and rice and rice. And some other things:

1. Typical Malagasy breakfast
Donuts, Rice cakes (Mofo Gasy) and Tea 
2. Typical Malagasy Lunch
Red rice, broth with green leaves, and fish or zebu (if affordable)
The quantities of rice per person never cease to amaze me


  1. If your Dutch friend is interested in "Malagasy cuisine", he/she can check out this YouTube channel (in English) with recipes in English and French under Descriptions.

  2. BTW, there is a typo in the title "Malagsy".

  3. Hmm the food looks nice and I ma sure it will be very testy. Thanks for sharing this here with us.