Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Worlds in One Country (at least)

Madagascar has at least twenty national parks, and many more protected areas. Having visited some in the past, I was thinking that I had probably seen the biggest share of them. I could not have been more wrong! Each park is so totally different that it's hard to imagine they're all in one and the same country.

Andohahela park
Take Andohahela in the extreme south eastern part of the country. A-ma-zing place! It is literally in between two worlds. World one is the lush, tropical and humid forest, world two the dry deserty land with thorny bush and spikey trees. The park itself is a unique transitional forest in between the two.

We went last weekend and I could hardly believe my eyes. But the camera does not lie. I am now sure there are even four, five, six or more worlds in Madagascar.

You can clearly see the boarder between wet and dry 

A golden tree nexr to a silver one

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  1. Tell me are these trees are full of thorns and how did you manage to
    walk there and do these have milk if you cut them.

    I am telling you they are pretty and I wish I could afford to visit
    these parks but since I cant afford thank you very much.

  2. Nice pos, like to read it. Thanks for sharing here with us.

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