Friday, March 11, 2011

International Ladies Night in Tana

On the occasion of the 100th international women's day on March 8, I hosted a girls nite...with all the different nationalities I've had the pleasure to get to know so far. From left to right: Huguette (Madagascar), Emmanuelle, Beatrice (France), Hasi (Inner Mongolia - China), Laura (Canada), Francoise (Burundi), Susan (USA), Caroline (Canada), Ietje (Netherlands), Britta (Germany), Joelle (UK), Soacha (Mada), Maude (France), Mioko (Japan), Tiana (Mada), Betsy (USA), Me and my beautiful daughter (NL/B), Angela (Brazil), Rina (Cannada). Some came later - as per typical Latina culture :-)  Nieves (Venezuela), Clara (Colombia), Majory (Equador) - not on the pic but for my 'institutional' memory.

My personal collection of international women. Ha ha!

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