Friday, February 25, 2011

Long Live FB

Thank you my little friends: Aida, Ivani and Soleine

Years ago I went to Senegal on a hot date (...). I was living in Trinidad, happened to be on work visit in Jamaica and flew from there to New York on my way to Dakar. The American boarder authorities and drug inspectors were very suspicious about my voyage and I remember being interrogated by an arrogant, a-hole customs officer for half an hour. But that's besides the point. 

The point is that when I arrived in Senegal, it was my birthday. I already had a Yahoo account at the time, I am talking 10 years ago, and I received no less than 2 messages: one from my mom, one from Yahoo automatic birthday message service.

How things have changed! It is again my birthday today, and Facebook messages are flooding in from all over the world, by time zone, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Holland, UK, Morocco, New York City, Belize, Texas - thirty already! Now that feels like having your birthday. Cheers to Mark Zuckerman (or whatever his name is). And to all my friends of course, have a good one!

Soleine and her friends preparing mama's b-day cake
Are you four, are your five, are you six...keep counting girls!

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  1. Dear Susan, I hope 1 day we are going to celebrate our birthdays together!
    This last 3 years I celebrate it only with Olivier :)in different countries!