Monday, April 7, 2014

Witches, Ghosts and Gris-Gris

A 67 year old confused woman, accused of being a with, has been clubbed to death. A baby corpse is found in a dumpster, with holes in its little hand palms. An alleged child molester is being set on fire...
Open any newspaper any day and you will read some horrid story of a poor soul being lynched by the crowd. The cases are hardly investigated by the police and will never reach the court room. Superstition and unfounded rumors are often the base. I think that everyone in Madagascar, educated or not, believes in witches, ghosts and gris-gris.

The poor lady, mostly likely a psychiatric patient, had been tied to a pole and was beaten to death by a gang of angry youngsters in broad daylight. The crowd just stood around and watched.

Grieving daughter by her mother's body, accused of being a witch
Now this is haunting me. The sad newspaper article is spooking through my head and dreams at night. I think of my own dear mother who recently died, peacefully, after a long and good life. Not this poor lady. I don't know how her daughter will ever get over this. I sure hope she believes in angels too....


  1. Believing in angels does not offer hope. Believing in Jesus does.

    A Malagasy Reader!

  2. I am sad to read that witch hunting practises also exist in Madagascar. I thought it was merely a West African phenomena. Do you know that Ghana has 6 witch camps in which about 1000 women and their children find refugee? For a number of years Ghanaian government tries to close the camps as a measure to eridicate witch craft .Families and humanist are against the closure. You can guess why: without these camps, most victims of witch craft would have been lynched or murdered by their accusers; most of the people in these camps would be dead by now. If the Ghanaian governments would abandon the witchcraft mentality, the witch camps will simply fade away. I fear that witch hunting is not high on the agenda of the Malagasy government. Terribly sad..

    1. They (Malagasy government officials) are busy with witch hunting their political opponents and dissents.

      This horrible story highlights the lack of individual rights in Madagascar.

      A Malagasy Reader!