Thursday, February 20, 2014

Record breaking viewer ratings for The Voice in Madagascar!!

Well, not exactly for The Voice, but for The One...

It's no secret that John de Mol's TV format The Voice is a worldwide success. The show has spread like a virus across the globe. But Madagascar is usually immune to franchise trends. There is no McDonald's, Starbucks, Hilton or Heineken to be seen in this country (unfortunately).

I do not know how many millions of dollars it costs to buy the official Voice format, but it is certain that a TV company in a poor country can not afford it. Therefore, we have here The One. With its swivel chairs, famous coaches, a trendy presenter and loads of talent, it is a real must-watch.

The ratings are amazing, more than 80% watched the finale. Unfortunately, this is only 8% of the total number of people on a TV available. Just a tad sad, isn't it?

The One And Only
Personally I believe the success of the program is due it's presenter, the One and Only Alain, aka FFC! He is a good friend of ours and currently the GM of our Hash - the Madagascar Hash House Harriers! Go FF.

Swiveling chairs and all!

Live audience and voting per SMS

The ONE and only presenter FFC!

And the winner is....

Lots of talent at The One


  1. Wow, that's really amazing! :)

    But malgasy people ARE quite talented, when it comes to music, aren't they?
    I don't know anyone, who is not singing, playing guitar or some other instrument...
    For me that's not always that funny, because I'm really not so into music, but my father in law ist one of the members of Mahaleo and music is very important for them... ;)

    Greetings from Austria!

    P.S. Of course I love Mahaleo, no question! ;)

  2. Hi Malala
    Absolutely, Malagasy have an incredible amount of music talent!

  3. Madagascar Carlton used to be Hilton Madagascar.
    I don't think you need to do a census to get a good estimate of the ratings. A small sample size (I'm sure way less than 8% of homes that watch TV) is enough.

    A Malagasy Reader!

  4. There is a McDonald's now in Ambohijatovo, Antananarivo.

    A Malagasy Reader!