Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Grand Canyon of Madagascar

Big brother
It  maybe six times smaller than its big brother in Arizona, but Isalo park in Madagascar is at least as spectacular as the US Grand Canyon. Being lucky enough to have visited both, I can conclude that Isalo is as overwhelmingly beautiful. Especially because of surprise treasures that can be found deep inside the gorge. And funnily, the red eroded rock formations from the Jurassic period are the same in both parks.

I can recommend to do the circuit de Manazava first, walking on the rim with its 180 degree views over the rice paddies in the morning. The climb is not that steep but it is hot!

Tropical surprises
Then, when it gets really really really hot, you take a break at the campsite where you can see the lemurs.  After that the treasure hunt begins! Deep down in the gorge, you will find a lush green feast of tropical plants, clear water, pristine little white beaches and turquoise rock pools. Jump into the blue or black piscine, bathe under the 20 meter water falls, and walk back just in time to see the sun set on the orange rocks.

Isalo - Madagascar
Grand Canyon
800 m2
4900 m2
800  to 1200 meters
2000 meters
Mammal species
Bird species
Reptiles and frog species
Flora species


  1. Looks like very historical place. Definitely it can be must see destination.

  2. Beautiful! We are moving to Madagascar in a year and half and I can't wait to visit this place! I'm enjoying learning about the country through your blog, thanks for keeping it up.

  3. Madagascar is a wonderful destination to be visited atleast for once. It offers lots of attractions to its visitors. Thanks for sharing informative post.

  4. Superb pictures. One would definitely love to visit Madagascar. And so as with Delhi Nightlife. so do give your visit to Delhi-India.

  5. Hi Susanne, The information in table at the end of the post I like the most and useful one for me. Amazing and awesome place for tourist. Love to visit. Many thanks for sharing.