Sunday, November 18, 2012

What do you mean, carrots are orange?

A Belgian guy asked me once: Susanne, do you know why carrots are orange? He insisted that I, especially should know the answer to this question.

I had never thought about this. To me it's like: why are bananas crooked? A fact, a given from mother nature.

But is it, really?

Every two weeks I order a basket (called Sobika) full of fresh, organically grown, healthy vegetables from Ferme Ivato. It takes me one minute to click on three online buttons, et voila...on Tuesdays the Sobika is develired to our house for 15,000 Ariary (4,50 euro) - what a pleasure.

It's always a bit of a surprise to see what is in it. Look what I found last week:

Purple carrots from La Ferme d'Ivato

Of course this made me think of the question why carrots are orange? After some googling I found out that the first orange carrots emerged in the Netherlands in the 17th century. Dutch cultivators had developed a new strain containing high amounts of beta-carotene. Why? In honor of the Dutch Royal Family and William of Orange!!

So now I know why I should have known...

For those who don't believe me: pay a visit to the carrot museum in Belgium. Yes, that is also true!

Oh and for those in Tana,

This week's Surprise Sobika


  1. I didn't know either that there are purple carrots as many undereducated Malagasy people assumed that all white people are French.
    My point: we are all ignorant in some ways.

    A Malagasy Reader

  2. Excellent info, Susanne! Made me smile! :-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dear Susanne

    I have never seen such in my life. How do you cook it or eat when its
    fresh and how does it taste like? I hope and wish I could touch it
    and have a feel of the carrot.

    Cheers- Sheila

  4. You know what? These purple carrots feel, cook, and taste just like the orange ones. But it is strange, like eating blue potatoes, or orange peas!


  5. Unrelated odd name: I just learned this today; "Dutch baby" is a type of pancake.

    A Malagasy Reader.