Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Check this out!

Living on an ecologically unique island is exciting, as you can encounter the most exotic suprising species, just like that. No need to travel to a national park or protected area, exotic creatures are just around the corner...

Look what we spotted this week, right here on our veranda while sipping from our Libertalia beers..

What IS this? A leaf with wings? A flying piece of plant? A moth with a cloth? A leaf with legs?

Leafy from the top
With a cute bottom...

Anyone has any idea what this camouflaged creature is called?


  1. I have no idea but have you considered sending these pics to the National Geographic Magazine? They may be interested.

    A Malagasy reader

  2. Glad to see you are taken by bug photography! Keep more pictures coming.
    This is a hawk Moth (Sphingidae), maybe a xylophanes spp.

  3. It looks indeed much like a Xylophane, thanks Oli4, but ours was green, not brown and looked like a giant leaf. Maybe it had it spring outfit on!

    More coming!

  4. Maybe it is a Euchloron megaera Boisduval, 1833, or Basiothia medea Fabricius J. Ch., 1781, both have been seen in Madagascar. Did you see its hind wings (orange)?

  5. Great and amazing creatures. Thanks for sharing this.