Friday, July 20, 2012

Malagasy in Holland

I've always wondered if there are any people from Madagascar in the Netherlands. A I am 'Dutch in Madagascar, I'd like to know if there are' Malagasy in 'Dutchland'?

Now I know. I visited Nirina van der Schans last week. Origially from Madagascar now living in Den Haag, married to a Dutchman. She can imagine how I live in Tana, I can understand her issues living in   Holland. Her house has many souvenirs from her home country, like I have tulips and black and white cows in my office room.

So is Nirina still Malagasy, or has she become Dutch?

Of course a bit of both. She served me koffie met een koekje, and probably has rice with ravitoto on (some) evenings.

Nice to meet you Nirina!


  1. If she blogged, it would be

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