Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Big Market

Can you imagine having to drive through here?
Driving in Antananarivo is, even after two years, still a real adventure. You have to have nerves made of steal. Not that people drive fast, or very badly. The problem is the sheer number of people selling and walking on the road. In fact, Tana is one huge, big market. Most streets in the centre are ligned up with vendors, market stalls or ambulent sellers.

Madagascar used to host the biggest market in Africa, the Zoma, which means Friday. Though the Zoma has officially been banned by the municipality because it caused too much traffic jams, the markets continue to florish, and not only on Fridays...

The good thing about driving through and in between all the people is that you can take pictures easily.

It's like being in a permanent tropical, Africa museum with the sounds, smells and colours!
Selling 'brede' (green leaves)

News paper stall

Selling herbs, potions and lotions

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  1. Hello ,leuk wat te lezen over het wel en wee op het eiland Madagascar.Sinds vorig jaar ben ik actief bezig nieuws te vergaren uit Afrika.
    Groetjes en het beste met jou en family.
    Mijn blog:www.humyborari.blogspot.com