Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ewe..and Frenglish

It goes without saying that I am very proud of our trilingual daughter Soleine. She speaks - in order of importance - English, French and Dutch. We're equally proud of Antoine who is now studying at the American School of Antanananivo where every single subject is in English. Coming from Belgian Fench-speaking country-side catholic school, the contrast could not have been bigger. For a guy who has never spoken English during more than an hour, and had not written more than a few lines, he now has to write essays in English about Jane Eyre and Colonial Trading posts in America.

But when you're children are starting to correct you....hmmmm that is different kind of feeling. Last night Soleine corrected my French! We then practized home work spelling words and the word 'ewe' came up. "Eweeee, I said, as in..Eeks, Yukkie, as I believed that is what it meant.

'It's a female sheep mama', Soleine said. 'Duh'

Soleine and Antoine in Nosy Be 2CV last year

Personally I find myself speaking way too much Frenglish. I can start a sentence in English and finish it in French. Sometimes I even pronounce English words with a french accent! Ai Ai.

So when I saw this list I had to smile...

Ail ou radis? Are you ready?
Débile - The bill
Mords mon nez - More money
Qu'on gratte tous les jeunes! - Congratulations!
Marie qui s'masse - Merry Christmas
Oui Arlette -We are late 
Il se pique Germaine - He speaks German 
Youssef vole ma femme au lit - You saved all my family
Sale teint de pépère - Salt and pepper
Six tonnes de chair - Sit on the chair
Dix nourrices raidies - Dinner is ready
Les slips tout gais serrent - Let's sleep together 
Âme coquine - I'm cooking
Deux bouts de chair - The butcher
Varices de grosseur - Where is the grocer?


  1. It also works in NL-French:

    Sochez en savons sachis belle (sénu patient!)


  2. Its really awesome. And thanks for the word you share.