Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super School Trip

With Alice Pippitt, Soleine's teacher
Picture yourself at the age of seven. Now try to relive that exciting feeling of going on a school trip!!
Remember the beardy, big-bellied bus driver? The song singing, the warm sandwiches in the lunchbox, the sleepless night before departure, the sticky hands? And hiding under the seat when the bus arrived back at school to let the awaiting parents believe the bus is empty? I remember all of this vividly. But as hard as I am trying now, I can for the love of God not remember where we went or what we did.

Just like chicken
Soleine went on her first real school trip yesterday - on a bus that is. To the Crocodile Farm near the Airport in Tana. Exciting that she was! The bus driver was not big and beardy but bald and beardless. The warm sandwiches were actually cold rice and chicken. There were no sticky hands (thanks to the mother of American inventions: sanitizer) but sun burn and mosquito bites, despite sun screen and mozzie cream. 
The songs were about a boy called Tim, who went into tub to see if he could swim. And something about a lady with an alligator purse. How appropriate. Because at the croc farm you can buy croc leather shoes and eat crocodile meat. "Tastes just like chicken, mama".

Spot the animals
The trip had an educational purpose, the Grade 2 kids had just learned about amphibia, reptiles, birds and mammals in class.  I hope she will remember any of this, and if not, she can read back this blog and see the pictures that she (yes!) took during the school trip. But personally I need some help, can you spot the animals in the photos? I can not even see them, let alone tell you whether they are amphibia, reptiles or mammals!
I am afraid I'm not much of a rabbateur. You?

There should be something in this picture somewhere

It's probably just swimming under water
And you are?
Is it a leaf or something else?
The brown thing on the top is a branch, there should be a snake in here somewhere!


  1. Hi Susanne,
    Just found your blog and I am so happy ! My husband and I are going to Madagascar for three months in December. This is the time the adoption process take, it means we are leaving two but returning three! Anyway, it would be interesting to know more about the different quarters in Tana, where and how to live and the possibilities of being connected to internet! I am greatful for all kind of tips. Thanks.

  2. Hi Anna, how exciting for you! Please let me know any specific questions you have and I'll be happy to answer. Internet access is not a problem in Tana.

    You can email me on

  3. Oi Susanna,
    Leuk wat te lezen te krijgen over Madagascar.
    Ben er zeker van dat het een aangename trip geweest is voor Soleine.
    Ga strakjes ff doorlezen.

  4. In Africa school trip go to zoo, museum, mountains etc. Actually Africa is famous for jungles, animals, sanctuaries.

  5. i think all parents should go to trip with their children that they could know about history, culture etc and got enjoy.........