Sunday, June 19, 2011

Madagascar Wins Award for Being Most Photogenic Country

Look at these pictures! Madagascar really deserves this award...which has been invented by me :-)

Pictures shot by our Belgian friend Micheline Reusch on their two-week trip in Madagascar: Tana - Antsirabe - Ranomafana National Park- Isalo National Park, Tulear - Tana - Nosy Be - Ankarana National Park - Diego.

Thanks Michou!


  1. Auntie you didn't make those pictures eh? When did you have Auntie Maria come over to digitalize tana for u?
    I looked at some flights to spend christmas at mada, but it's all very expensive. I guess it'll have to wait until i'm making a good living.

    Cousin Saimen

  2. Be a part of this charmer in Africa by taking flights to Antananarivo and seeing for your self how photogenic this beautiful place is.