Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Ocean...Enfin!

Madagascar is an island but so far I never once felt being surrounded by oceans. Until we went on a Christmas holiday to Nosy Be, local language for Big Island. It's off the North-Western coast of Madagascar, "near" Mozambique. We drove from Tana to Mahajanga, in 3 days, a lovely road trip, and spent one night in a national park Ankarafansika, managed by MNP or Madagascar National Parks which is Michel's project.

The park itself is nice enough, but what was really cool is that we made this interesting and  unique discovery: a huge canyon eroded by water, turned into some sort of gigantic sand castle. Amazing, going down the canyon was like walking in a deserted city made of golden sand. Never seen such landscape before and with the sun setting on it, it was truly unique:  It made me feel like being in a Harry Potter novel.

We then stayed one night in Mahajanga, nothing interesting there, to fly to Nosy Be, a stunningly beautiful island, Now I will let the photo's tell the story.

The one and only Baobab in Ankarafansika

Michel on the Swing Bridge

Sand City

Like a huge sand castle on the beach - sand cathedral rather


View from hotel Anjiamarango beach resort

Soleine met fietsenrek!

View from our room!


  1. Hi! I've been reading this blog of yours for a while. It's really good! I'm going to move to Madagascar next March so it's nice to read about the country and its culture beforehand.

    I noticed one specific detail from your pages. You mentioned that one should have a Visa credit card in Madagascar. I only have a Mastercard and wanted to ask you if it's really so that Mastercards don't function there?

    Many thanks,

  2. HI Ana
    Well yes it's really much much better to have a Visa card. With my Master card I can get some money at one bank (BMOI) really expensive - something like 5 euro extra per transaction. Since 2 months they accept Master Card at Leader Price, one of the leading supermarkets here. Other than that, it's Visa Visa Visa so if you have chance to get a Visa card, go for it!

  3. Thanks for the advice!! I'll probably get one then. :)

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    what lifestyle, what elegance, what wonderful biodiversity with the lemurs, chameleons, giant bats, but also whales, dolphins, turtles and manta rays. Incredible spot, a concentrate of Madagascar on the island so charming. Special mention for the kitchen so inventive and bio of the great French chef who is a fabulous generosity!
    Finally, diving, boat trips, fishing trips on and offshore and onshore are extraordinary and the visit of the nature reserve The island is gorgeous with endemic species and wild vanilla. And thank you for the ride to discover the majestic baobab trees in places that you keep this secret. We promise not to disclose it to anyone. TSARA KOMBA IS AMAZING AND WE INVITE YOU TO SEE THE WEBSITE ..THE TRUE LUXURY WILD LIFE!

  5. Ha! Clever marketing Tsara Komba! It's true that's beautiful, and the food is 5 star! Friends of mine have stayed over Christmas. However, you need big, and I mean BIG bucks to stay at Tsara Kombo. So for those who all means!